HTTrack Website Copier
Open Source offline browser

Option panel : Expert Options

    Advice: leave these options to default values!

  • Use a cache for updates

  • This option MUST be set if you want to update the site later, or if you want to have the opportunity to continue a crashed mirror
    Disable it only if you want to save few kilobytes, but, err, again, it is not advised to disable this option!

  • Primary filter (scan mode)

  • Which files must be saved?
    You can choose Html and/or Non-Html, or none (this last option is automatically set for scanning)

  • Travel mode

  • Set the default spidering direction
    The default is to catch all files in the same level and lower levels, which is the most logical

  • Global travel mode

  • Set the default global spidering direction
    The default is to stay on the same address if no specific authorization has been delivered

  • Activate debug mode

  • Enables some extra debug informations, like headers debugging and some interface informations (for debugging purpose only)

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