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Option panel : Build

  • Local Structure Type

  • Lets you define the local structure of the site.
    The default is "site structure": you will get the same folder/files names and structure as the original
    You can, however, put all images in one single folder, html in another and so on..

  • DOS Names

  • Force the engine to generate DOS names (8 characters for the name, 3 for the type)

  • ISO9660 Names

  • Force the engine to generate ISO9660-compatible names for storing on medias such as CDROM or DVDROM

  • No error pages

  • Do not generate error pages (if a 404 error occured, for example)
    If a page is missing on the remote site, there will not be any warning on the local site

  • No external pages

  • Rewrite all external links (links that needs an Internet connection) so that there can be a warning page before ("Warning, you need to be online to go to this link..")
    Useful if you want to separate the local and online realm

  • Hide passwords

  • Do not include username and password for protected sites in the code, when a link will not be caught. This allow to remain the access data private.

  • Hide query strings

  • Do not include query strings for local links. Query strings (?foo=45&bar=67) are generally not necessary for local (file://) files, but query strings can be useful to show several information (example: page-4.html?index=History). However, some basic browsers may not understand that (wireless browsers, especially), and hiding query strings might be a good idea in this case.

  • Do not purge old files

  • Do not purge, after an update, the local files that no longer exist on the remote site, or that have been skipped

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