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Option panel : Browser ID

  • Browser "Identity"

  • Enter here the name of the engine, as it will be seen by Web-servers
    For example, entering "Mozilla/4.5 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows 98)" will disguise HTTrack into a standard MSIE4 browser
    This field is for statistical purpose, and you can enter whatever you want, a browser name that does not exist or even your grandma's name
    However, beware that several sites may deliver a different content whether the browser is called "Netscape" or "Explorer".. some elitist ones will even refuse to deliver anything depending on the browser name. This case is rare, fortunately.

  • HTML Footer

  • Enter here the optionnal text that will be included as a comment in each HTML file to make archiving easier
    The string entered is generally an HTML comment (<!-- HTML comment -->) with optionnal %s, which will be transformed into a specific string information:
    %s #1 : host name (for example,
    %s #2 : file name (for example, /index.html)
    %s #3 : date of the mirror
    Example: <!-- Page mirrored from %s, file %s. Archive date: %s -->
    Note: You can select (none), in this case no comments will be added to the pages. However, this is NOT advised as you may want to know in the future where the page has been taken, when/why..

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