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Option panel : Log files, Index, Cache

  • Force to store all files in cache

  • Force to store all files in the cache, even gif files, zip files and so on..
    Without this option, the engine will only save in cache html files for updating/continue purpose.
    It can be useful, however, to keep all files in cache if you want in the future to change the site structure
    Warning! This option will appreciably inflate the cache that will become as big as the mirror itself!

  • Do not re-download locally erased files

  • This option prevents HTTrack from re-asking a file that exists locally with null size, or that has been erased by the user
    (If the user erased the file, this option will create a null-file to prevent the engine to catch the file next time)
    Useful if you are erasing progressively large files on the local mirror and do not want to reload them!

  • Create Log files

  • Create log file where informations, error and warnings about the current mirror will be saved
    If you do not generate log files, you will not be able to know what errors occured!
    It is strongly advised to leave this option checked
    Note: You can define the debug-level of the log-files. Default is "normal"

  • Make an index

  • Generate an index.html on the top of the directory. Very useful.

  • Make a word database

  • Generate an index.txt database on the top of the directory. Very useful for linguistic analysis, this feature will allow you to list all words of all mirrored pages in the current project.
    With this index file, you will be able to list which words were detected, and where.

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